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place. spirit. embodied life.

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Apply with your pandemic pod or quaranteam

We strongly recommended applying with others in your pod or "quaranteam" to secure shared rooms with people you know.


Hui Ho’olana lodge, cabins & pool sit on a ridge at 1100 feet offering panoramic views of Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, the Pacific Ocean, and the most stars you’ve probably ever seen in your life.

Hui is a Hawaiian word for "group" & Ho'olana refers to “inspiration that floats up from within the heart.” 

You will be surrounded by a beautifully secluded, living sanctuary of reforested lands that uses native Hawaiian plants over 70 acres to create spaces cherished by wildlife & people alike.


Aloha. Your 7 day-retreat will place you on Molokai, "the heart chakra of Hawai’i." In this islands, "when we say, Aloha, we are saying, "come share our space, come share our breath."

The spirit of the island slows you down, so you can be open to the wisdom of the inner & outer life, to unleash & unlock your greatest potential.

embodied life

Be in your body. Centering in Presence, yoga, meditation, breath practice, and tai chi-style movement are embodied awareness practices woven throughout the time to awaken your senses so that you can feel yourself fully and are directed back to your own truth.

Ample time is provided to enjoy the farm-to-table food, go for quiet walking, easy hiking, take swim in the pool, book a private sound healing session or get a massage , as well as a full integration day to explore the island.

Enter Your 7-day Journey

Aligning body, mind & vital life force.
This retreat fulfills a dream to design a gathering in which "the conditions are set & the practices are met."

Sound Healing with gina Breedlove

It all begins with healing.

Medicine Woman gina Breedlove initiates our time together with exactly that. A group sound healing session begins our work together.  

Her offering of Sound Medicine is rooted in Love and guided by Grace. This is potent, powerful energy work particular to each individual, and one can expect instruction for self care, releasing destructive patterns, and an invitation to begin (or deepen) a daily active practice of living with an open heart.

gina will teach you how to use the sound of your voice to bring your focus to the present moment, where life is happening.

Embodiment brings you back.

How do you get the mind to override what the body won't let go of?

Potent embodiment practices help you bridge training of the heart-mind with action of the body-mind.

Go way beyond mind-only exercises that leave habit-patterns of ancestral, generational and day-to-day stress and anxiety that are stored in the body intact.

Learn an approach to a world-renowned martial art that Master Trainer angel Kyodo williams re-imagined specifically to repair the disconnect between wielding both power + love that causes you to deny your genius and fritter away your joy.

You'll take away an insightful assessment and capacity-building practice that will drop you into direct relationship with how you use your power in the world.

Spaciousness seals the work.

Ample time for reflection, journaling, and expressing yourself through various modalities of art & communication happens individually and collectively.

A day to explore the island or simply enjoy time to yourself in one the hammocks at the Hui is part of your process of integrating the deep work, with the sacred land and your spirit.

 There's no hurry: you're on Molokai time.

will you BE here?

Participation is by application only with a maximum of 15 participants. The right cohort in the right time. You'll only know if THIS is your time when you apply.

a liberated life

We need to make shifts at the cellular level. Deeper healing, greater equanimity & increased capacity, all begin with cultivating a liberated life. That isn't some kind of get something-for-nothing bypass reality state of denial. That's when you put the work in with guidance, support, community and a loving push into the places that by yourself, you've not yet been able to go, but you know it is time.


How do you know THIS is the place for you?

This place is for you IF YOU...

  • honor making a change from the inside out
  • have been feeling stuck, frustrated, or scared to experience yourself as more powerful in creating change in yourself & the world
  • are overwhelmed with all the work, or just want to see better results
  • are ready to be pushed in ways you can't (yet) push yourself  

You’re in the wrong place if you…

  • want this to be a "vacation" or hang out on the beach
  • want “others” to change
  • want guaranteed transformation without the deep work

Welcome to the 'Ohana


'Ohana is a Hawaiian word translated as intentional family. It reaches beyond the boundaries of blood and touches deeply into the heart of what it means to see and be seen.

Come queer, black, timid, fat, uncertain, male, Type A, exhausted, a fixer, on your second life, white, or mixed in all the ways. But come vulnerable and curious and we're ready for you.

It goes without saying that spending an undistracted week bringing your vulnerability to the table, held by the power of ancient lands, the spirit of intention, and witnessed by new people that are also walking the path of being and becoming, creates more than ordinary friends. You walk together. You become family.

And you are welcome. chosen starts with your application

"I am integrating and shifting through layers to recalibrating my body to the frequency generated at the be-ing transformation retreat! Wow, my re-entry has been...less of a “re-entry” more of a “launching”!"

2017 Family

"I am a cynic and, a doubter by nature. I found my resistance skillfully guided to an integrated resting place so that I could set down or burn through the things that stand in the way of who & how I want to be in the world...and find my way past years, and decades of old challenges. "

2017 Family

"The part of me that did not want to live is now healed, and present - no more plexiglass shield separating me from the world. What a feeling."

2017 Family

meet the facilitators of

Our wisdom teachers & highly skilled trainer-facilitators will work with you to heal at the cellular level, and to transform your connection to power and love with yourself and others.

Each possesses from 15-20+ years of honing their unique superpower that will be shared with you in an intimate group size with an amazing 5:1 participant-to-facilitator ratio PLUS an on-site healer guiding your personal journey into

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Rev. angel Kyodo williams is the lead teacher and a master trainer that uses a rare combination of embodied intuition and insightful wisdom to point people toward their way home -- to liberation. She is also an acclaimed author, activist, founder of the Center for Transformative Change and leader of the newDharma Community and Collective. Her voice and vision are made for these times.

Kerri Kelly

Kerri is a faculty teacher & the founder of CTZNWELL, a movement to mobilize the wellbeing community into a powerful force for change. Kerri is recognized for her work to bridge personal practice with social change and politics. She’s been instrumental in translating the tools of wellbeing into practical application and social action in the public sector, working in collaboration with community organizers, spiritual leaders and policy makers.


Coach Elaine

Elaine is your logistical point person & a professional coach.  When she’s not planning retreats, her passion is creating harmony among mental, emotional & spiritual energy to restore physical well-being.  Elaine is a licensed Spiritual Counselor, a Holistic exercise, nutrition & lifestyle Coach, and Founder of the VIBE method, a simple & proven road map to empower healing.

gina Breedlove

Medicine Woman gina Breedlove, an esteemed guest teacher for this year's retreat is a Sound Healer, Singer, and Songwriter, from Brooklyn, NY. She tours the world with her music she calls folkSoul, and holds Sound Healing circles in every city she visits. gina Breedlove is a way-shower, a Healer, a Doula for the Soul's purpose. "Her Voice is Soul revelry," and her Sound Medicine is the perfect antidote for what ails us. 

“I have been attending and facilitating workshops and retreats for decades and transformation is one of the most holistic, powerful, integrative & brilliant retreats I have ever participated in."

– Rev. Dr. D. Johnson, 2018 Cohort

Even the application process has been designed to be illuminating.

Retreat & Training Investment in Transformation

We are pleased to offer this year's retreat with a sliding scale rate which includes everything you need other than travel to the island to set the conditions for transformation towards your whole life.

A $500 deposit secures your place and YES, a 3 mo. payment plan is available.
Choose your investment:

25% scholarship



• Full Training Tuition
• Accommodations
• Venue Ground Transport
• All Practice Materials
• Sound Healing Circle
• Daily Practice
• Chef-Prepared Meals & Snacks
• Integration Day on Molokai
• Post Retreat Check-In
 ...and more

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• Full Training Tuition
• Accommodations
• Venue Ground Transport
• All Practice Materials
• Sound Healing Circle
• Daily Practice
• Chef-Prepared Meals & Snacks
• Integration Day on Molokai
• Post Retreat Check-In
 ...and more

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& Institutional



• Full Training Tuition
• Accommodations
• Venue Ground Transport
• All Practice Materials
• Sound Healing Circle
• Daily Practice
• Chef-Prepared Meals & Snacks
• Integration Day on Molokai
• Post Retreat Check-In
...and more

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ready for your breakthrough? 

"Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters."

-- Rev. angel Kyodo williams


Get ready to be moved, pushed, called forth,
whispered & disrupted into greater presence
and YOUR liberated life.


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