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Signature Programs

Practices of Belonging

  • Fully Searchable Program: 6-month access to Rev's Wisdom Learning Library, equipped with a fully searchable transcription of the entire program.
  • Belonging Workbook: A full-color custom workbook and personalized map is being created just for working with the practices and documenting your path to greater belonging. It will be based on the workshop experience. 

Embodied Social Justice Certificate

Last Chance. Registration EXTENDED for the most unique program of its kind. NOT a summit. Go beyond DEI.

Embodied Social Justice Certificate program is a one-of-a-kind, once-per-year, 3-month powerhouse of educational grounding in what it means and why we must root down in our own bodies for collective liberation and to send love up. 20+ leading-edge diverse faculty, 25+ sessions, 60 hours over 3 months. 

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be.ing transformation 2024

Leverage Love+Power. Level up because it matters and you don't have time for mediocre. It's that one thing -- or two -- that's keeping you from the fully-integrated, deeply committed badass that you know you are. We had to do this again. Spaces fill up quickly.

be.ing transformation returns to Molokai, Hawaii in May 2024.  

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Join 1000s of others

Meet true wisdom applied to everyday life. Combining deep insight, laser-sharp analysis and a practical usable-on-Monday approach, Rev. angel has surprised thousands of people—not with complex solutions—rather by pointing towards simple, but often overlooked steps to cultivating the single most essential skill needed for these times: greater self-awareness.

Don't believe the hype

Depending on how they find her, people associate Rev. angel with meditation or racial justice. Truth is, she's bringing much more to the table. So whether you're an activist, meditator or mom, counselor, coach or CEO, her 20 years of Zen PLUS real-world training as a successful entrepreneur, published author, master trainer and consummate life-hacker are available to support you in living and loving the life you want to create.

These People Trust Her Training Already

"one of the most remarkable and most important Zen teachers teaching today and a powerful voice of fierce compassion, forcefully calling for justice from a place of deep love for all beings."

Josh Bartok, Roshi
Abbot, Greater Boston Zen Center

"I know tomorrow is our closing but I wanted to just share my mushy feelings real quick 😊. I feel this program saved my life, what life means to me anyway... The world has healed me since a little girl and so I know when healers are coming my way. That's you!! I spent my very last $ on the program... But this, my wellbeing was so important to me so the money was well invested!"

27 Days of Change Participant

"Fantastic! I think the embarrassment factor you mentioned, for some progressives (including myself) is definitely something to acknowledge. I think addressing that in myself is an important thing to help me move forward. Being able to not know things and be vulnerable is so important to grow. "


But aren't we just doomed?

The increasingly fast pace of our lives combined with the enormity of what is at stake suggests that balancing work and life, the personal and social, love and justice is not possible. Rev. angel knows better. Get started training with her to find YOUR path to a liberated life.