here's the letter. your singular invitation to
Roadmap to Liberation
(Applications I)
Certification Program.

i LOVEd the Lib5 Challenge.

the energy, excitement and engagement (Es!) i love challenging us to lean into the liberation that has always been here for us. the first 3 days — we were just traversing the rainbow bridge of Prophetic Praxis as i received this download  — unlocked a flood gate of truth-telling. i'm sure you've heard this before:

"once you've seen it, you can't unsee it."

the door to liberation is open and there's no way to jam it closed again. that is, perhaps, the main reason most people don't open it: we have a knowing of an essential truth. intuitively, from somewhere deep in our bodies, we know when it is time.

  • time to take ourselves seriously
  • time to take responsibility for ourselves: our choices, our behaviors, how we show up in the world, and to insist that we show up AS ourselves
  • time to reclaim the parts of ourselves we have left behind for membership in clubs that, in the end, do not return on the investment of that great loss of your truth.
  • time to stop hiding, making excuses, shifting blame, kicking the can down the road.

it is time to stop deferring living a more complete truth: dynamic and writhing with complexities as truth always is.

it is time for our liberation.

i don't throttle what i share. i GIVE what i've got to offer. so if you participated in the Lib5 Challenge in which i over-delivered, you have a roadmap. i made sure of that. you CAN go it alone. because some of us are not ready for the whole damn thing right now. there's the practical matter of schedules and availability, yes.  there's also that we aren't quite ready to be seen and witnessed on our journey. or we aren't up for the accountability of being asked to show up for ourselves, with others who have said YES to turning their intention and attention to...

to what? to liberation.


if you want to call it something different, be my guest. at the end of all the days, the hours, the minutes, the moment-to-moment turning into life rather than away: it is returning to yourself. JUST returning. 

if you ARE ready to cross that rainbow bridge into living your life in such a way that, as poet David Whyte says, "what you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough for the vitality hidden in your sleep," this is as potent a place to LEAP from as i've ever seen.

there is SO much vitality hidden in the slumber of the lost connection to our bodies, to our heart-mind-gut&groins. so much vitality in our truths.

if you're ready, let's go unearth, unlock, unFETTER that vitality together. 

to be transparent: the investment is serious, but not impossible. there literally is not a way to "price" the value of what this will mean for your life. i freely "gave away" a host of frames, ideas and suggestions already so that you, everyone, would have value up-front.

now you get to decide if & how you'll invest further. 


i offered the full daylong RevUP knowing that some folks would just want to know about a framework. the weeklong Lib5 Challenge was offered knowing there are (fewer) people that want to go deeper and reflect on what liberation really means for them.  it was my pre-investment of time, talent and resources because still fewer people will actually want to go the distance of this first level of application — to actually workshop liberation in and with their own lives.  that means a small-ish cohort of folks to start. i know that whoever shows up is exactly right.

another truth is that i can't take this back once it's out there. at this very moment, there are multiple people capitalizing upon the processes that i've developed and the frames that i've crafted to give us a different lens into seeing that what we are surrounded by, feel locked into, isn't the whole story. and that we, ourselves, are the key. 

they won't offer it as i have, AND, in no time at all, it will all start to sound alike: "transformative, liberatory, powerful, the bestest, mostest, greatest THIS THAT and THE OTHER."

that's real talk. 


but you who have journeyed with me this far now have a knowing of where i'm coming from. that you know what i'm bringing forth by way of this framework and also my friends — people that are seriously walking this path — matters to me.  i actually — and i am not prone to hyperbole — actually believe...have a knowingness...that this program will lay and/or strengthen a foundation that will transform (there's that word ;-) your life.


once this inaugural cohort goes through, we cannot be sure how soon or even if we will do this liberation trifecta again in the same way. maybe it will be all video because we have to balance impact with scale. i've never undertaken anything quite like this before in complexity, depth and scale. and it has been a lift, so i can make no promises either way except this one:

for every person that pays the Fair investment, i'll meet you and invite someone that cannot currently pay — even with a payment plan — the Supported rate. if you pay the Foundation rate, that will underwrite the costs so we can stay out of our small cash flow for paying faculty, staff and the support team. if you Pay More As You're ABLE, and give more, only then will i personally receive any compensation for any of the Framework for Liberation offerings: RevUP, Lib5 Challenge or the Roadmap to Liberation (Applications I) Certificate Program, which is what you are investing in now.

commitment. courage. capacity. 

for what?

to disarm. disrupt. & deconstruct all that stands as an obstacle to your liberation.

it starts with an intro THIS coming week. because NOW is better than next time. and you are primed. 

so there it is. for you. no "sales page." no hype. just this letter from a plane, offering you to journey into one of the most accessible and concise offerings i've ever made toward a deeply personal, particular, and no magic tricks, no bullshit, this-is-gonna-be-a-thing walk toward your liberation. 

see you on the road,

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