Roadmap 2 Liberation
(Applications I)
Certificate Program

A 6 week deep dive with weekly LIVE sessions,
a virtual workbook + learning collective.

November 2nd - December 7th
Every Wednesday @ 4:00p PT / 7:00p ET 

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"once you've seen it, you can't unsee it."

Whether you’ve joined us at a Radical Dharma Camp, dropped into a LIB5 session, committed to a certification in Embodied Social Justice, or have found your way here through some other portal, the door to liberation is open and there's no way to jam it closed again. That is, perhaps, the main reason most people don't open it: we have a knowing of an essential truth. intuitively, from somewhere deep in our bodies, we know when it is time.

  • time to take ourselves seriously
  • time to take responsibility for ourselves: our choices, our behaviors, how we show up in the world, and to insist that we show up AS ourselves

  • time to reclaim the parts of ourselves we have left behind for membership in clubs that, in the end, do not return on the investment of that great loss of your truth.

  • time to stop hiding, making excuses, shifting blame, kicking the can down the road.

it is time to stop deferring living a more complete truth: dynamic and writhing with complexities as truth always is.

it is time for our liberation.

there is SO much vitality hidden in the slumber of the lost connection to our bodies, to our heart-mind-gut&groins. so much vitality in our truths.


if you're ready, let's go unearth, unlock, unFETTER that vitality together. 

Work alongside Roadmap 2022 faculty Rashid Hughes, Jaz Hines, adrienne maree brown, Dr. Angel Acosta and Kerri Kelly as they speak into how they are applying the 5-pillar Framework for Liberation in their own lives, at this historical moment we find ourselves in. You, collective, through facilitated discussions, breakouts, and learning pods, will grapple with your own application of the framework in the unique context of your life.

This is not only the WHAT (although that is the foundation) but also the HOW.

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Your Registration Includes:

  • One 2-hour On-boarding & Orientation Session w/ Rev. angel & nykké 
  • Five 2-hour Deep Dive LIVE SESSIONS
    • LIVE Sessions each week with the LIB5 guest faculty
    • Facilitated and collective learning
    • Real-time practice space to integrate the 5 pillars of the Framework for Liberation
  • Learning Pods to touch-in with throughout the 6-week course and beyond!
    • You CAN’T do it alone! This work is intended to be done for yourself, with the support of the collective. Collective Process.
    • Signing up for a Pod cohort by meeting availability will be part of registration this year – that’s how important this is to our work.
  • Curriculum Materials
    • custom-made fillable workbook, tools and practices
    • practice logs
    • learning portal assessments
  • 6 Months Access: Professionally remastered video replays of all live sessions for
    • LIB5 Challenge
    • Roadmap to Liberation
  • Fully Searchable Video transcripts
    • FAR more functional use of video by locating key moments using text search
    • Highlighting important materials to reference 
  • $100 discount on NEW Practices of Belonging companion course - January 2023 + pre-course (with audio program purchase)

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