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Liberation is a Journey,

not a destination.

What do you need to build your roadmap?

Rev. angel, along with her crew of special guests, gave well over 5 hours of training to walkthrough building a roadmap for liberation.

As many of you know from watching RevUP, what happens when Rev. teaches is priceless. this level of training would normally cost $297.  Rev. is offering it now for a fraction of that, so it can go out to as many of you as possible. That's generosity. That's a commitment towards your liberation. 

These recordings are not available to the public, but we are making the them available long-term only to those who truly want them and will contribute a small amount to have access to not just the recordings, but also Rev-currated practice support materials that directly support the building of your roadmap. 

From Rev:
I really appreciate everyone that attended RevUP. I'm super excited to be able to offer this LIB5 Challenge. It's where your Liberation journey gets personal.

Here's what you get:

We've put together a few things to support your deeper engagement with the LIB5: personal framework for liberation

  • Professionally edited & sound remastered video replays of the over 5-hour training for six months ($149 value)
  • Curated practice support materials from Rev. angel's ($149)
  • Access to Rev.'s Wisdom learning portal
  • Fully searchable video transcript allowing you to access any point in the video by searching for words or terms. ($35 value)
  • $100 discount on Practices of Belonging pre-course (must purchase Belonging audio course) ($100 value)
  • BONUS: Access to RevUP Champion/Level-Up forum space to continue the conversation on Liberation in community
  • FUTURE BONUS: 20% any course created in the RevUP/LIB5 series. This is a one-time offer. ($60-$120 value)

    TOTAL VALUE: more than $493-$613


That's not just a word.
Seriously. When you pay for something and it doesn't return anything to you beyond your immediate consumption, it's a cost. When it returns and returns and returns over a lifetime, that is an investment.



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Get your LIB5 for Liberation

No, I don't want continued access to five hours of content that will let me review this complete walkthrough of building a roadmap for liberation.

Let me just have the bonus video.

LIB5 Framework for Liberation Intro

featuring Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Dr. Jasmine Syedullah and Lama Rod Owens sharing a blazing intro to the LIB5

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