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  • Fully Searchable Program: 6-month access to Rev's Wisdom Learning Library, equipped with a fully searchable transcription of the entire program. [$72 value]
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These bonuses were created especially for early supporters of Rev. angel's work, and are worth $121 alone. 

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STEP #1: Enter your email and you'll be taken to the page where you can purchase a copy of the Belonging audio program: either a CD set or digital download.

STEP #2: Forward your receipt as proof of purchase and you'll receive your exclusive one-time discount code to save $100 off the full price of $147 to the "Practices of Belonging" course that Rev. angel recently recorded.

This is a deep dive into the context, background and nuances of FOUR of the Practices of Belonging that Rev. angel has used herself and taught thousands of people for decades. You get to walk through the audio program and engage the Practices of Belonging that Rev. angel has created or refined, alongside hundreds of people that have already joined in to share their deep yearning for belonging.


This companion course to the already potent audio program is already proven to provide profound insight and healing to people with wildly different origin stories, backgrounds and current circumstances: women, men, gender fluid, of many races and ethnic heritages, social & economic classes, financial wealth status from house-less to trust fund holders, non-native English speakers and differing abilities.

We have all been threatened with and confused by our sense of belonging.

Join over 688 people already finding greater Belonging.

Here's what people said during the workshop:

  • Amanda K.: Much Gratitude to everyone, this felt like reconnecting to what really matters and envisioning and feeling into ways to give space, room, reality to practicing this reconnecting....thank you

  • E. R.: This was so very useful for me... thank you! I have been having some intense anxiety recently and this has helped me to both let go of some of those feelings today and to understand some of why they are coming up

  • Gigi R.: Thanks. It helps to have a deeper dive before beginning.

  • Tasha H. (she/her): The centering meditation was profound for me, and left me with many questions to explore about what is important to me.

  • Jo S. (she, her): life-giving, heart-opening, body aliveness!


Why is Rev. angel making this offer? 

Good question.

Answer #1: Rev. knows you have a thousand options to choose from for online courses. She wanted to make this irresistible for anyone interested, so she included these special exclusive bonuses that aren't available anyplace else, in addition to the workshop recordings.

Answer #2: Rev. angel also knows the value of this companion course, so this offer will not last one day longer than it takes for her to complete the materials she wants to launch the course with based on what she's learned from early adopters.


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